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Cocoli where the living is easy...

Page 5 - More Memories of Cocoli


There were 4 basic tropical houses in Cocoli. There was the 4-Family, Duplex, Cottage and the bachelor 12 units. The bachelor pads were three 4-Family houses placed end to end.
(Drawings courtesy of Carl Berg, a fellow Cocolian)



Nestle on the west bank of the Panama Canal, just past U.S. Naval Station Rodman off Bruja Road lies the enchanting town site of Cocoli.

Cocoli for many years was my home. In its hey day, Cocoli boasted everything from a clubhouse to a clinic dispensary for common prescriptions. There were four family houses, duplexes, cottages, single apartments for the bachelors, and also 12 family units. It was a bustling town like those carved out of the jungle of the Panama Canal building days. Yes, living in Cocoli was fun! I can still see it in my minds eye as if it were only yesterday.

Cocoli was Big! The map shows the main part of Cocoli. As you can see we had everything a little kid would want. About 500 to 600 families lived here during the war years of WWII. (Map courtesy of Carl Berg, a fellow Cocolian)


US Navy

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