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Home Tivoli Mi Panama Escape


I Knew Panama


I knew Panama

It was a song of Love in my heart

Before I was born

I knew Panama


What was the fuss?

I came on the scene

My first thoughts

I knew Panama


I slept a lot at first

Didn't talk much either

But could I scream

Holy Cow Leche Klim

I knew Panama


The cooing and the feeding

Early in the morning

A little Siesta

I knew Panama


Later a bath

Then the best part

Blanket time in the sun

I Knew Panama


Oh, cavorting without Clothes

Kicking and grabbing

Smiling at everything that moved

I knew Panama


Chasing pillow clouds in the blue sky

Watching other pink bottoms

The Big Tree Pink Bottom Crowd

I knew Panama


All that sun and Panama all around me

Eyes get heavy from the tropical heat

Off shore breezes--Siesta time again

I Knew Panama


What a way to start ones life

No worries...just fun

The easy life in the old Canal Zone

I knew Panama


And guess what?

Loved every minute of every day

That has made a world of difference

The unforgettable Panama Experience

I knew Panama



The writers notes on the use of the words Leche Klim.  In Panama speak this was powdered milk. Klim is only milk spelled backwards. It was used in jingles to promote the sale of Leche Klim. One example was; drink a glass of Leche Klim every day for strong bones and energy.