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Cocoli... where the living is easy.


Our latest vacation was the best ever!


Cocoli what a wonderful town site in the old Canal Zone to have grown up and lived! In this site about Cocoli you will share some of my memorable experiences. There will be something for everybody with favorite links to other awesome sites..... Yes, Cocoli where the living was easy.

Let me first say; Life is like riding a bicycle, you do not fall off unless you stop pedaling. --By Claude Pepper.

In Cocoli we were always riding our bikes to everywhere we wanted to go. We also love to fish in the waters of the Panama Canal. When the wind was up it was a great time to fly kites. Yes there was always so much to see and do while growing up in Cocoli.


Favorite Sights:

Lakefront cottage; Size=240 pixels wide

Slim and Shorty

Please get in touch with any comments or suggestions for our next vacation.

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