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1st Sergeant





The First Sergeant marches at the rear

to urge on those who faltered

Insuring none falls behind

lest the Forces strength be altered

The Commander positioned out in front has the glory

Of one who leads but ne'er forget who's at the rear

Taking care of each Troop's needs

The cadence comes forth loud and clear

So inspired The march won't stop

They Know who's watching over Them

the one they Call "TOP"





The Diamond was the mark of me.

An old country person with big ideas you see.

Before the days of "Be All That You Can Be."

The Diamond was the mark of me.

Knew it from the very start.

To be a top sergeant in the greatest Army

Known to every part - especially my heart.

The Diamond was the mark of me.

Its shape made me stand.

One voice said you would never get to wear it.

Another said - yes, you can.

The Diamond was the mark of me.

Not the Power that I would seek.

Just got to wear that diamond.

A symbol not meant for the meek.

The Diamond was the mark of me.

With it to lead the way

To salute all the great soldiers,

With whom I served yesterday and serve today.

The Diamond was the mark of me.

Passing from follower to top leader,

I knew that it would be mine.

A point I didn't long have to consider.

The Diamond was the mark of me.

To influence and direct

To share with my soldiers the sadness and sorrow

To do all within my power to maintain their loyal respect

Then I was a First Sergeant with my ever extended day

Seemed as if it was always work and never play.

To look a platoon sergeant straight in the eye and say -

"This is the way."

The Diamond was the mark of me.

The Diamond is the greatest position to hold.

In all contact it has shown.

Though the Star and the Wreath is greater, I am told.

But for now, "I am the power behind the throne."

                                                     --- Author - Bobby Owens

United States Army