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Fort Clayton


Fort Clayton, Canal Zone


On one of my escapes to Panama in the mid 60's I had the opportunity to work with the US Army in Panama. I was then with Army and Air Force Exchange Service - Panama. Our main Administrative Offices were on the 2nd floor of the Fort Clayton Hqs Building. I loved working there. I lived on Mango Street, which was on Fort Clayton and just down the hill from Building 519. It was great for I had a little Beetle VW which I used to go everywhere in the Canal Zone and Panama too. It was a sad day when our operation in Panama was centralized in Dallas, Texas. My buddy Joey went over to the Panama Canal Company. I decided to go to the big PX/BX in the states in San Francisco, California. Little did I know that another escape to Panama would be in the offing in the early 80's with the US Army in Panama? Again I jumped at the chance to be back in Panama and this time with USSOUTHCOM at Quarry Heights. Wow, what a dream assignment. Time passes so quickly that soon I was working for the US Air Force at Howard Air Force Base in Panama. It was another great assignment!




United States Army